February 04, 2004


Don't be shocked or worried seeing the title, however I feel many might be having this thought considering Bangladesh's political uncertainties and deteriorating law-and-order situations.

A regime has changed in Bangladesh cricket when Khaled Mahmud (Sujan) has been replaced by Habibul Basar (Suman) for the upcoming Zimbabwe Tour. There have been much fuss in the sports arena regarding Mahmud's stripping of captaincy from the test side and his declaration of retirement. But the drama did not end there as he has been requested not to as he will remain to be Bangladesh's one-day team captain in the Zimbabwe tour. Andrew Miller writes an interesting article covering the strange goings-on in the Bangladeshi captaincy stakes.

Meanwhile Bangladesh is touring Namibia, a country close to claiming One-day eligibility status to prepare for the upcoming tour. However the two outing they have had produced two wins for Bangladesh but they are not at all convincing. Check this & this results.

The batting side is improving with Ashraful playing more sensibly. But the bowling department clearly lacking the sting of Masrafee who is unavailable for injury. Bangladesh might fancy a win in the Zimbabwe tour, but it will still be a tough ask as everybody has to perform well and be consistent.


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