October 05, 2004


The four party alliance plans to celebrate its 3 year rule; "success" as termed by them. Surely they have succeeded in curbing the pressure of the opposition. The current politics of Bangladesh is centered to the throne. The Awami League is demanding immediate resignation of the government and the BNP's reply is "We will not step down even a minute ahead of the expiry of our five-year tenure". The both party's motto is to screw the people and to achieve their goals.

Amidst all these everybody has forgot that BNP has not fulfilled its major election pledges as follows:

Zayadul Ahsan writes in the Daily Star:

"The separation of the judiciary, formation of independent anti-corruption and human-rights commissions and installation of ombudsman -- the key election pledges -- remain elusive as ever. It failed to live up to the other pledges of curbing crime, introducing direct elections to reserved seats for women, giving autonomy to radio and television and repealing the abusive Special Powers Act. The government said time and again it will honour the commitments it had made to people, but it is now clear that they are unwilling to do so. One can conclude that the ruling coalition cares little about strengthening democracy by implementing the four pledges."

Governments come and governments go but issues like giving autonomy to radio and television remain elusive as ever.


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