October 21, 2004


I am writing the post with much discomfort. According to the Transparency International's (TI) corruption perception index (CPI) published recently, Bangladesh has for the fourth time in a row topped the index of the most corrupt countries. In 2004 Bangladesh shares the top position with Haiti where corruption is rampant in more than 60 countries. But how can Bangladesh be equal to Haiti? Surely there must be something wrong somewhere. TI Bangladesh (TIB) Treasurer Prof. Muzaffer Ahmad tells that "labeling a country as the most corrupt is perhaps incorrect as it is a matter of interpretation." But lets call a spade a spade. If this goes on like this, Bangladesh can soon be like Nauru (not ranked by TI), where the Nauruan leaders have developed their country into almost extinction.

I know that the Bangladeshi government ministers and the ruling party will probably comment on this like before "What is this Transparency International?", "This is an Awami League ploy to disrupt stability of the country and to take down the government", "Corruption has decreased from the Awami League tenure."

Can't they just grow up and try to use the Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit?


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