October 31, 2004


Abul Kashem Faruk, 43, a Bangladeshi lorry driver was abducted in Iraq along with his Sri Lankan colleague. He has been living in Iraq for the last seven years and worked for a Kuwaiti firm, Joshim Transport Company. The news has been broken by the Arabic channel Al-Jazeera. The abductors are yet to communicate any demand to Bangladesh.

It is hard to bear for the family members including his wife and daughter that how could those terrorists (calls themselves Muslims) play with Faruk's life, where he is the prime earning member of the poor family living in a village. They went just speechless.

The foreign minister M Morshed Khan said
, "Considering that Bangladesh is in no way involved in the Iraq conflict and on behalf of his (Faruk's) family and the 140 million Bangladeshi Muslims, I appeal to those who have abducted the poor truck driver in the holy month of Ramadan to release him soon."

Bangladesh is working with the Kuwaiti government, US command in Kuwait, Joshim Transport Company and various international agencies including Red Crescent and Amnesty International for Faruk's release.

But I have doubts that those heartless terrorists would show any mercy to Faruk as they have no ideals. Their goal is just to create anarchy in Iraq. The US military operations in Iraq could not stem the increasing cases of abductions of hostages of different nationals and I believe there are more tragic incidents to come.


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