October 31, 2004


The prime minister of Bangladesh, Begum Khaleda Zia recently told his party leaders that "all development activities would be stopped if the BNP could not return to power in the next election."

I wonder whether it is a statement or a threat. Below is a list of the recent developments of the government:

* Poor utilization of external assistance.

* Poor start of the ambitious Annual development program ('05)

* Failure to nab the criminals behind the August 21 grenade attacks against Sheikh Hasina. The Daily Star receives another Hasina death threat.

* The government is taking
an unprecedented move to provide immunity to the World Bank for its activities in Bangladesh.

* The judges role have been so much biased in politically motivated cases that people are losing confidence in Judiciary System.

* While a famine (Monga) is taking a serious turn in the Northern region, the government is hosting expensive Iftar parties in the capital.

* The government failed to protect the minority Ahmedia Muslim Sect in the country.

So it is up to the people of Bangladesh to whether they want continuation of the above-mentioned development activities after the next election.


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