October 05, 2004


The killing of yet another journalist in the southwestern town Bogra remarks the deterioration in law and order situation. Journalist Dipankar Chakrabarty, Executive Editor of Durjoy Bangla, fell victim to a brutal attack by unknown assailants. The news caption highlighted that he was beheaded, which left Jane guessing whether this incident relates to the threats by some radical islamists against the daily Prothom Alo. The southwestern Bangladesh has witnessed the brutal killings of at least 13 prominent journalists in the last 10 years. As per my information, in this region there are activities of some extremist organizations like Purba Bangla Communist Party -PBCP-Marxist-Leninist (Janajuddha) and Sarbahara group and the notorious Bangla Bhai. The police investigations could not solve the mystery of all the atrocities against journalists but a faction of the Janajudhdha has been indicted for a number of killings including Journalist Manik Saha & Journalist Humayun Kabir Balu. No party is yet to claim the responsibilty of Dipankar's death.

This all shows that the total law and order situation of Bangladesh is out of the hand of the police. Unless the govt. is eager to expedite the prosecution of the criminals who are systematically killing the voices against them (apparently to create fear and anarchy among people), all hell will break loose soon.


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