October 25, 2004


Hello everybody. I am a month old now. You can not imagine how many visits I have got in the past month. I received a lot of gifts from kin, mostly dresses. The best one I liked is a baby penguin doll from one and a half year old Saran.

I am adapting myself to the changing season and have caught cold once. Baba & Ma panicked and took me to a pediatrician. He was a bad man and gave me a lot of medicine. I cried in protest but nobody understood my complaint. I should have been better off without those bitter medicines. There is nothing much to do the whole day except drinking Ma's milk in 2 hour intervals and taking a nap. But sometime I do cherish roaming around the house in grandma or grandpa's lap. The famous Dhaka mosquitoes do bother me a lot. Some stubborn one's could penetrate the multiple protections (sprays, electric mosquito destroyer and net) and did bit me. Ma is not doing well lately. I am praying for Ma to get better soon, otherwise I would be succumbed to the same trouble. I do try to look for Baba when he is out at work. I sleep well when I am besides Ma & Baba. That is why Baba has reduced all his extra work affairs and he tries to be with me especially when Ma needs some rest. Its amazing to see Baba changing nappies and singing lullaby to me in desperate efforts to put me into sleep. My vision is not yet clear so that I cannot remember faces, but I can remember voices. I can turn around my head to Ma wherever she's at. I do enjoy my bath in lukeworm water and try to always stay clean. Ma & Baba always look for my million Taka smile.


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