March 08, 2005


Arrived safely at the NSCBI Airport. Ten minutes late is nothing comparing to Biman's reputation of long delays. The F-28 flight (40 minutes FH) was OK because it was handeled well by the crews. It did not occur to me that it was the smallest plane I have ever flown with. I had some sandwitches and a drink at the plane.

A little incident happened here. I had to check in at Kolkata airport because the transit flight is a domestic one. I did not have in mind that my VISA category was tourist, which was done by the travel agent. In the immigration paper I stated my purpose of visit as official. So these people was questioning me where I am going & harrasing me stating that I have obtained the wrong visa. They have threatened me to pushback and obviously they were asking for some bribe. I chose not to waste more time and I had to settle that matter with $20 dollar underhand. Way to start a journey!

Internet! Kolkata Airport has a cybercafe. 1 hour usage costs 30 rupees (roughly 80 cents); its cheap. I knew at once that my transit time would not be wasted. This is one necessity not available in ZIA at Dhaka. Now I have to head towards the domestic terminal.


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