March 28, 2005


Bhutan is on the way to become a constitutional monarchy. It has drafted a simple but comprehensive constitution which says:

* There shall be separation of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary
* There will be political parties, election and a national assembly
* The Parliament can abdicate the King with two-third majority
* There will be freedom of press and information
* The political parties shall not allow party interests to prevail over the national interest
* There will be an independent anti-corruption commission
* Ensure good quality of life for Bhutanese citizens which is committed to peace and amity in the world

And I like this most:

* The state shall strive to promote those circumstances that will enable the successful pursuit of Gross National Happiness.

Lets hope when the above constitution is passed in a national referendum by the end of this year, Bhutan will be the model for a true democratic monarchy.

I have always liked Bhutan and its nice people. No wonder why they will remain a happy lot; because their contstitution will guarantee it.

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