March 12, 2005


> Cricket and Cinema <

You have read or heard of the above passions. But I have felt it in my brief stay in Mumbai. Parimal, the caretaker has all the information:- which celebrities live in the vicinity. And he tells about an interesting phenomenon of their fans. People flock to see the celebrities outside their houses from 3-5 at the afternoon prompting them to come out of their palaces (sic.) at least once to wave towards them. The bus stands are filled with the posters of Jassi and creating suspense in her unfolding to a new appearance (a popular soap opera happenings). Radio Mirchi (popular FM) has funny rhymes in the posters. Media plays a big role in Indian lifestyle.

During the recent India-Pakistan Test match, I have seen that even the street destitudes have shabby radios at their ears and when asked they feel proud to update the score. Many offices have silent TV screens running the match live. No wonder breaks are frequent which helps keeping the score up-to-date.

I hope the fundamentalists around the world should develop some passions other than blowing up themselves to establish their causes. Life is how you live it. And an idle brain is root of all evil.


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