March 09, 2005


The previous night went well. When I arrived at the guesthouse my colleagues had already arrived. I haven't met the Sri Lankan counterpart last time in Colombo as she joined after that. N from Delhi called to say that his flight is delayed and he will be coming late at night. I had a long chat with P to get update on the Nepal situation. He said that the situation is apparently normal but the cell phone operation are still barred. His wife, who is an Indian will be having a baby this month, so he will be joining her in Hydrabad after the training. We had to put ourself into sleep almost unwillingly because our pick up was scheduled early in the morning. There were lot to chat about!

The training is taking place in a seminar room in "The Club", a posh all purpose club with good fitness facilities. We met a lot of people whom we knew only as email contacts. There is nothing much to tell about the compact training program except for the food. We had a full course buffet lunch at a poolside club restaurant and the food combination was very good. Specially the desserts were fantastic. They had also Pani puri and chuts, which S would have really loved if she was around.

We had come back to the beach to a coffee parlour and the ambience was very nice. The cold coffee with icecream were superb. We felt like we had to come in jeans and T shirts to fit to the mood here. So full of youth and vibrant. The sunset was wonderful and the cool breezes really freshened us up.

Then we split up and P & I grabbed N to go for shopping. In Bandra we had some good time burgaining & purchasing some stuffs for home. As my companions were non-veg we went back to the same restaurant I had dinner last night, which served both varieties.

The night life of Mumbai is quite live. Shops are open still at 11:PM. Guess I have to start towards the guesthouse. Another busy day awaits.

Ps: Preity Zinta has bought the apartment above our guest house spending Indian Rupees 2.5 crore. Here the people are all crazy about film stars. My caretaker was telling about her visits and the fact that she will be living here in about a month. P was convinced that we have heard so much about it that we will dream about her tonight. Sweet dreams!


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