March 12, 2005


Sometimes you can feel that the internet is a blessing for you. Take for instance the fact that I am at Mumbai airport since 00:00 hours and my flight is at 5:45 hours. I got here early because I thought it would be safer not to travel after midnight. But I was also looking forward to spending the time in the net. Before discovering this cyber cafe (literally), I was sitting in the waiting lounge surrounded by people of all sorts and I was having a tough time concentrating on "The Da Vinci Code". My neighbor on the right was watching Hindi movie songs in his laptop and on the left were some women from South Africa who were always making their presence prominent. Moving out of that place was the only solution but the booth of my flight will not be open before 3:00 hours. So I started roaming around the airport and found my way here. There are hundreds of mails to check first. Nothing can stop me now. Muhahahaaaaa.


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