April 25, 2007

Breaking News: Bangladesh Government scraps exile plan: Lifts ban on Hasina, Spares Khaleda Zia

BDNews24 reports:
The military-backed government Wednesday lifted the ban on Sheikh Hasina's homecoming and said there were no restrictions on Khaleda Zia's movement.

In a statement, the home ministry said the ban on Hasina's return was temporary and the authorities have decided to lift it because of "views from the media and other quarters".
The other quarter meant includes, I presume, the US department of State.
Sean McCormack, spokesman for the US Department of State said Tuesday at a news briefing in Washington.:
"If the caretaker government does not take right decisions, there is a real possibility that this can threaten Bangladesh democracy and nobody wants to see that."
I welcome this decision as it will put an end to an unnecessary drama.


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