April 10, 2007

Khaleda heading for same fate as Hasina

Many people believe that the case against ex-PM Sheikh Hasina is a ploy to keep her out of the country. Kazi Tajul Islam Faruque, who filed the suit seems a complicated guy who had good connections with both the government and used them for his business advantages.

The local news papers are reporting that ex PM Khaleda Zia is under a house arrest. Sada Kalo has details:

According to Prothom Alo, only the domestic servants were allowed into Mrs. Zia's personal residence; all BNP members were refused entry. The security guards of the house told the reporter that the residents of the house have been informed. BNP officials claimed they have not been officially informed.

According to sources, Mrs. Zia continued political discussions in her house or elsewhere, and this clampdown is to prevent that. She was barred from attending a milad for the Late A.K.M. Obaidur Rahman at the BNP office in Purana Paltan. Another source claimed that this is being done to increase the pressure on her so she leaves the country.

Meanwhile Sheikh Hasina has vowed to return to Bangladesh sooner than expected. We may see more drama in the coming weeks.

Update: (via Salam Dhaka) Sheikh Hasina said to the Washington post that she is not afraid to return to Bangladesh:

"I have had to face all those things in the past. I took risks, and my people are more important to me than my life."

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