April 22, 2007

Now its Khaleda's turn

BDNews24 reports:
As many as 200 reporters and TV crew Saturday night flocked to Zia International Airport to cover the rumored departure of former prime minister Khaleda Zia. The rumour spread hours after Khaleda met son Tarique Rahman somewhere in the cantonment. The meeting was part of the reported deal reached between Khaleda and the authorities to exile her to Saudi Arabia.
Tarique Zia had been transfered to a jail outside Dhaka and the prison van briefly stopped at the Combined military hospital in Dhaka Cantonment for his check-up. Khaleda Zia reportedly met him there.

One local TV News channel (CSB) reported live that three tinted glass cars went to the VIP terminal this night and the Emirates flight was bound for Saudi Arabia at around 10:30. Reporters suspected Khaleda Zia may be on-board of that plane. However the rumor is yet to be confirmed.

However, Khaled Zia also faced resistance within her party. The Daily Star Earlier reported:

"Some leaders opine in privacy that the BNP would be better off without Khaleda, who lost popularity inside the party in the last five years so much so that the rebel leaders feel little support the once iron-lady would get from the party if she is forced to leave the country.

Most of the leaders and activists also believe the rumour that her 'forced' departure from the country is only a matter of time."

And she was clearly blackmailed with the freedom of her second son.

Clearly for better or worse the dynasty politics in Bangladesh is being targeted. This military backed Caretaker government has tacit support of the US and other Western nations. The general people of Bangladesh are still in the honeymoon stage with this government's alter ego(good deeds). For the common Bangladeshis is there any role to be played until the next election which may likely to come after two years?

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Update: The daily Jugantor reports that Khaleda's departure has been delayed at the last moment for security reasons.

Update II: A chartered plane from Saudi Arabia has arrived in Bangladesh and is believed to be on standby to take former prime minister Khaleda Zia into exile, (AFP)


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