April 25, 2007

The drama continues

British Airways has clarified why they have denied Sheikh Hasina from boarding the flight bound for Dhaka. The statement says:

"Our right to refuse carriage is contained within our general conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage. This action was necessary as on April 18, 2007 we received written notification from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh that Sheikh Hasina had been barred from entering Bangladesh."

This statement was made after Sheikh Hasina threatened to sue BA. Tomorrow a writ petition will be filed in the Bangladesh Supreme Court against the bar.

Anyone have any idea on the next move? This has been heard at the BDMillitary forum:
"There is going to be a crackdown on corrupt judges who are trying to save Hasina, Khaleda and other corrupt people. In the past many high profile criminals were released after judges received bribes from the guilty party. The interim government is also considering a special military tribunal composed of civilian and military judges. It will oversee the prosecution of 1971 war criminals and is said to be modeled similarly along the lines of the famous Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals who murdered millions of innocent people".
(via Tasneem Khalil)

There you have the plot of more episodes.

Meanwhile Hasina's remark that "she does not support the pressure on Khaleda for going into self-exile" has been welcomed by BNP leaders (The Daily Star). They remembered the joint anti-autocratic movement of the two parties during the late 1980s.

Asif explains in Drishtipat how this exile plan backfired:
"What is the outcome of the whole drama that unfolded last few days? Among others, the following ones are the ones that are obvious.

* The two leaders, whose popularity was perhaps on an all time low before this incident, have become heroes for their non compromising stand.
* The credibility of the interim government is shattered.
* They have completely now lost the moral ground on key issues like independence of judiciary and fundamental human rights and press freedom.
* The popularity of the CTG has taken a dive.
* The genuine cases against the corrupt leaders will now be seen as fake.

Its a big shame. Because, with a huge popular backing, this government really had a chance to bring in genuine reforms."
Its not too late. I think they should scrap the idea of exiling the leaders and relieve us from the soap opera.


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