April 19, 2007

Sheikh Hasina reacts

In a radio interview with Deutsche Welle Sheikh Hasina vowed that she will return in spite of Government. She is hopeful that she can go home soon.

Background: The Government issues warnings against Hasina's return:

Now it seems that the warning we received a few days ago is true.

Salam Dhaka reports on an Embargo on Hasina's reactions in Bangladeshi press (via the Daily Star).

The government through its Press Information Department and other agencies has instructed all newspapers not to carry any comment of Sheikh Hasina. An SMS received from an army major said: "You are requested not to telecast/print any views/comments of Sheikh Hasina from today till further order."

It may be mentioned that Hasina's comment on the government's ban on her return was aired by BBC Bangla Service and Deutsche Welle, which have been heard by the radio's audiences in Bangladesh.

Drishtipat's post about this issue attracts an healthy debate. This comment is a blinder:

Naive are those who believe that the ‘deshpremik U-Know-Who’ are doing everything for the country. Remember, they revolted against Yes-uddin only when there was a possibility of dismissal of the head of the U-Know-Who from his post prior to the declaration of emergency! The change came NOT because the fundamental rights of the people were being violated, but because their own positions were in potential jeopary!

Remember that they have not taken over officially as yet, and are still ‘helping the government being totally under the rule of the civil administration’ NOT because they have any love for the civil administration, but because if they do so, they might lose the UN peacekeeping assignments. Here also they are considering their own benefits, and not that of you and me!

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