April 22, 2007

Hasina denied boarding pass

The Bangladesh Government is trying its best to keep Sheikh Hasina from entering the country.

BDNews24 reports:

Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina was denied a boarding pass Sunday by British Airways to fly to Dhaka from London. The AL president reached Heathrow Airport at 7:00pm Bangladesh time to board the aircraft, but airline officials told her that British Airways was not in a position to carry her as Bangladesh government requested the carrier not to take her to Dhaka.

Meanwhile news from earlier this day:

A Dhaka court Sunday ordered the police to arrest Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina and two other 14-party alliance leaders for their suspected roles in the killings of Shibir activists in the 2006 Paltan rioting.

The arrest warrants were timed with the former prime minister's planned return to Bangladesh defying a government ban on her homecoming.

It just proves why the separation of judiciary from the administration is so crucial. So many times the court has been used by so many government.

Mash reports:

The British High Commission in Bangladesh has sought clarification from the Bangladesh government regarding the exile attempts. No such clarification has been sought by the Bush Administration.

So what will Sheikh Hasina do now?


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