September 07, 2007

Government shuts down Bangladesh's first 24 hour news channel CSB

The Bangladesh government temporarily shut down its first 24 hour private satellite news channel on charges of forgery. If the TV authority can not answer satisfactorily the charges of forgery within 7 days, the station will be shut down permanently. News reports in BBC, The Daily Star and BDNews24.

Tiktiki has the background and time line of events concerning CSB news in Dristipat blog. Shada Kalo sheds a light into the forgery charges.

Drishtipat Blog appeals to the Government:
We earnestly hope that the news channel will not go off air permanently. They should be fined in financial terms by all means, if found guilty. But people’s employment, the economic activity it generates and the perception of free media in our country — all should be taken into account before making a final decision.
If these are ignored this will have a considerable impact on the Government's image.


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