September 05, 2007

State of IT Education in Bangladesh

Believe it or not the above are from text books for higher secondary level (HSC) and these are authorized by the education board of Bangladesh. (Via Sakib)

I am stunned reading all these. They could not think beyond the old style of memorizing tables of differences between computer and Internet. And how could they do this to the students making them learn these craps like:
"Computer cannot understand people's command: Internet can understand people's command" or "Computers have memory: Internet does not have memory".

And from the second picture:
8. Dos-based operating system is keyboard dependent so if dirt or insects enter inside the keyboard then the computer does not respond properly.
9. Keyboard takes much space in the computer table.
Give me a break. I don't know I should laugh or cry? Where are the voices of the IT industry in Bangladesh? Why aren't they protesting?

Sakib tells that HSC students choose this subject to get some easy marks which are on the hands of the teacher. He went the labs once in his total HSC study period and the teacher taught how to save files on MS word. He reports that the teacher took Tk 2000 (about 30 USDs) for 80 practical marks. Pathetic.


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