September 10, 2007

Twenty20 World Cricket Championship watch and listen online: free live streaming audio & video links & ball-by-ball commentary

The ICC Twenty20 World Championship will be starting from tomorrow. But I will not be able to watch it on TV as I don't get the channels here through local cable feeds and I am not ready to spend a lot of money installing required subscription enabled sat receiver scrapping the old one. So again I am resorting to the net for the video. And of course I will be hearing BBC commentaries while I am working.

I have a high quality internet connection but sometimes I do not get quality feeds, and frequent stuck ups of the stream can annoy but nevertheless something is better than nothing.

Here are a few relevant links for those who have to follow the matches online :

# Free audio streaming links:

* BBC Sports -Cricket for complete coverage from the BBC with live audio feeds, video highlights, feature stories, picture galleries, or have your say in the online forum. Please click on the Live link and on the next page click on "Live Test Match Special audio" to hear the commentary. Another link "BBC Five Live Sports Extra".

* Listen to live audio feeds from Sportingo.

* MSN India - Cricket

# Free video streaming links:

* Fabulous links from Kalyan's Blog.

* Search for Nepali Students Bergen's embedded video link. It will be up soon.

* Sopcast: Please download sopcast from here. Then find live video cricket broadcasts from the channels list and click on any one of them. Wait a few moments and you can watch clear free live video of the match in full screen mode.

* Live Webcast from Tamil audio-video.

* All TV channels Online - for free sopcast streaming

* Some more links from Thinkers On Move Blog.

# Updates via sms:

Receive wicket, score and milestone updates via sms during the test match from

# Exclusives and ball-by-ball commentary in Internet portals:

- 123

# Other necessary links:

* ICC World Twenty20 South Africa 2007 - official site

* ICC World Twenty20, 2007/08 match schedule

* Twenty20 World Cup - Information, News and discussions

* Twenty20 World Cup 2007 match results

* Twenty20 World Cup coverage in Bangla Cricket

* Cricket 20: the home of Twenty20 cricket

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