September 29, 2007

Myanmar (Burma) - Pictures tell a thousand words

Watch video of the reported sniper murder of Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai (via Hot Air)

Burma is boiling with the saffron revolution lead by the Monks. The Military Junta is resorting to Genocide to cull the protests. Many unconfirmed deaths reported. These pictures will tell you what is happening there.

(Photo courtesy Burma-Myanmar Genocide 2007)

The difference between the 1988 pro-democracy protests and the recent protests are that
the Myanmar Bloggers
are taking to the task of telling the stories to the world. Pajamas Media pays tribute to the pro-democracy bloggers. However the Junta was quick to react by cutting the Internet connections.

Ex-Czech President Václav Havel writes a brilliant piece slamming the inactions of the International community. Some excerpts:
How many times and in how many places has this now happened? Worse, however, is the number of countries that find it convenient to avert their eyes and ears from the deathly silence with which this Asian country chooses to present itself to the outside world.

On a daily basis, at a great many international and scholarly conferences all over the world, we can hear learned debates about human rights and emotional proclamations in their defense. So how is it possible that the international community remains incapable of responding effectively to dissuade Burma's military rulers from escalating the force that they have begun to unleash in Rangoon and its Buddhist temples?
Expressing my solidarity with the pro-democracy campaigners of Burma hoping that the International community acts rather sooner than later.


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