September 24, 2007

Twenty20 World Cricket Championship: India vs Pakistan dream final

Today India and Pakistan will engage in a dream final contest at the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa. This is the script every cricket tournament organizers want to write, but never happened before. The neighbors feel about the game, the supremacy over one-another with a sense of rivalry zealot and of course with great enthusiasm. The 30,000 tickets of the ground has already been sold out and no wonder millions of fans in India, Pakistan and across the world will be glued to Televisions, radios, desktops, laptops to follow this match. This match has been already dubbed as the perfect final and the mother of all matches.

Update: And what a great final it was! King Cricket wonders "How can a mere 40 overs of cricket contain so many twists and turns?" India won the match by 5 runs. The match had to be decided in the last over when Misbah-ul-Haq played an improvised shot behind the keeper but mistimed and was caught by Sreesanth. India did well in the bowling department and there was no batsmen remaining for Pakistan to play the last 3 balls to score 6 runs. Catch the highlights if you have missed the actions. "What a brilliant tournament and what a brilliant final!"

It was a triumph for cricket. The Hero of the final - everyone. It has been so much fun for the spectators, players, organizers and sponsors.

Money will be flowing on the Indian team for their victory. The Indian team has been awarded a bonus of US$ 3 million. Yuvraj Singh will receive a cash award of Rs 1 crore [US$ 253,000] for hitting six sixes in an over in the match against England.

Patrick Kidd at Times Online has some interesting comparisons of World Twenty20 with the ODI World Cup.

The Googly compiles their choice of the team of the tournament. Whats your pick?


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