September 11, 2004


If you ever wonder why Muslims are being stereotyped as terrorists all over the world then you should consider the facts that Muslim society is not vocal enough to uphold Islam's true image, which is being tarnished by some lowlife terrorists who have an agenda of their own. Here is one such voice which tries to discover the true facts:

Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists but, regrettably, the majority of the terrorists in the world are Muslims. The kidnappers of the students in Ossetia are Muslims. The kidnappers and killers of the Nepalese workers and cooks are also Muslims. Those who rape and murder in Darfour are Muslims, and their victims are Muslims as well. Those who blew up the residential complexes in Riyadh and Al-Khobar are Muslims. Those who kidnapped the two French journalists are Muslims. The two [women] who blew up the two planes [over Russia] a week ago are Muslims. Bin Laden is a Muslim and Al-Houthi [the head of a terrorist group in Yemen] is a Muslim. The majority of those who carried out suicide operations against buses, schools, houses, and buildings around the world in the last ten years are also Muslims.

What a terrible record. Does this not say something about us, about our society and our culture? ...
Islam has suffered an injustice at the hands of the new Muslims... We will only be able to clear our reputation once we have admitted the clear and shameful fact that most of the terrorist acts in the world today are carried out by Muslims. We have to realize that we cannot correct the condition of our youth who carry out these disgraceful operations until we have treated the minds of our sheikhs who have turned themselves into pulpit revolutionaries who send the children of others to fight while they send their own children to European schools.
- Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed, former editor of the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

Read about more such voices.

We should see clear and strong lessons from religious, academic, and journalistic leaders that murder is murder, whether the victim is a Muslim or not. If we do not, then they are only supporting murder. And we need to condemn those who refuse to condemn. And then only Islam will win because it is a religion of peace and love.

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