September 26, 2004


Welcome RIANNA, weight 8 lbs, born on September 24, 2004 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Last Friday I have become father of a cute little baby girl. We went through 8 hours of the proceedings packed with much tension and relief. The doctors had to resort to C. Section to get her out. The baby is fine but the mother is recuperating from the trauma of C. Section. I have spent a couple of sleepless nights in the hospital managing the baby, and I have told this is just the beginning of numerous such nights. But when I look at her face I just forget everything. I still cannot believe that I am the co-procreator of such a wonder. My prayers were answered by God. I thanked God in prayers and remembered the verses of Quran "Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny?" (Surah Al Rahman).

I have to run now to the baby and the mother who will be staying at the hospital for a few days more. Thanks for all your prayers. I really appreciate it and please take share of my joys too and you are all invited for sweets (our tradition for breaking out a good news).


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