September 11, 2004


There is always a contest of owning the remote control between my wife and me whenever we sit together for watching a cricket game in TV. Because she does not want to watch cricket for a longer period and only lets me check the scores in between commercials of the programs. And I try to watch most of the cricket and let her watch her program in between frequent commercial breaks of the cricket broadcast. It has become a healthy contest and she is never against my inclination to cricket. The ICC Championship Trophy has started yesterday and we will be engrossed in total cricket for 16 days. My favorite is of course Bangladesh, although most likely they are not going to win any match here. Welcome United States of America to the elite world of Cricket. USA has played its first official one-day match yesterday against New Zealand.

For those of you, who does not know about cricket, here are the links- all about cricket & a brief history of cricket.


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