September 10, 2004


Bangladesh is caught in a vicious web of bloody violence caused by grenade and bomb explosions, numerous bomb threats and the inability of the security forces to stop these. All they could do is to kill some criminals in mysterious "encounters" brewing more doubts about their intentions and capabilities. We will do injustice just to blame them only, because they cannot act freely; as it is said that there are always instructions for them from the higher level of the government about whom to arrest and whom to leave alone and whom to kill in "encounter" so that they do not expose the powers behind them. The latest bomb threats include the prime minister & son, Dhaka University, a renowned school, and the World Bank chief in Bangladesh creating a panic. There are Interpol and other international security agencies investigating the 21/8 bombing incidents and they have made some progresses. But it is also said that some of their local partners are trying to influence the investigation in a view to distract from what really happened.

However the government is busy in blaming the main opposition and vice versa being responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation. See how silly the politicians are. In the midst of this crisis situation, making malice remarks to each other and only thinking about being into power. Actually mediocrity knows no level above its own. All we have some mediocre politicians and no great leader. Some forces are even generating some theories to indict India that they are behind in creating this anarchy in the country. I hope the politicians should stop beating around the bushes and not make the situation worse. We want the truth.

The present government is trying to suppress the agitations, rallies and harassing, intimidating the opposition activists forcefully and in a brutal way. Its not only a matter of trying to stem the tide of revolution and the question of whether the opposition is always just in their causes, but it is in a way hampering the basic human rights of the people, the right to protest and the right to express their ideas. The ruling parties forget that they are creating a legacy of oppression and autocracy. The oppositions are not addressing the crisis issues of the country, rather saying that if they are put back into the power they will change the situation. But will they be able to keep themselves away from the culture of intimidating and harassing their oppositions?

As I wrote in a previous post, we are being held by some opportunist robbers of the country, who have taken shelters under the mail political parties, because they need protection from justice. One party had ruled for five years (and robbers under their shelter robbed the country) and then another party had ruled for five years (ditto). This cycle may repeat also. We will always be left in the hand of non-thinkers and opportunists. But where are the common people's interests? You have to belong to a party, take a shelter. Otherwise you won't be heard. You won't get your rights. It is our interest or their interest. There is no common interest. There are no ethics, morality, virtue or more of these nice words. Those who still hang on to those morality or ethics are the loneliest persons in this society.

But I still believe in common people's power. I believe in our people of the village, who may seem to you as uneducated and impoverished. But those are the people who played a big role in our liberation war and we drove away the killers of Pakistan and liberated ourselves in 1971. When the people will rise, there will be no place of the opportunist robbers or terrors in our country. I am waiting for that moment again.


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