September 14, 2004


It started raining from Friday night almost incessantly. It intensified since Sunday morning riding on a land depression and is yet to cease. For the first couple of days it was pleasant, but who knew that it could bring another disaster in Bangladesh. It has submerged most parts of Dhaka under knee to waist-deep water, stranded hundreds of vehicles and thousands of commuters on roads, cut power and telephone links and kept day-workers from earning a living since Monday. Many found it extremely difficult to come to work place or return to home because of lack of transport. It seems the cities cannot hold or let out this amount of water. I am hearing that the Govt. has declared a public holiday today, the 2nd day of water-clogged Bangladesh. The educational institutions were already declared closed yesterday night. The inland communications are at standstil, international flights are being delayed.

Many are saying its the faulty and clogged sewerage systems, some are saying its a warning from the god. Its 309 mm of rains in 24 hours if you want to get an idea of the situation we are facing. The rivers have swelled and it is also said that water is not driven down to the sea because of the rising sea level (another moon effect). My work phone lines are dead. Nearby Dhanmondi Lake is full to the brim of the road and a couple of large trees has been uprooted by the winds and moist root soil. Weathermen said the situation would improve this evening after the low dies out but the rain is still pouring. (More news about the rain)

It has been pretty depressing but I guess we have to do some positive thinking and listen to the rain.


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