September 10, 2004


I have been pretty busy lately and did not find time to write about myself. Me & S. are waiting for our first baby, which is due end of this month. This is a whole new experience for us as a new phase of our lives is beckoning. She has been troubled with this pregnancy right from the start. She had to be on bed rest for more than a month in her first trimester. She had to deal with the troubles in going to work during hartal and the discomforts she faces in workplace (like lack of restroom etc.). But each day has been filled with new experiences for her. Every single ache, every feeling of movement of the baby is new to her and we had to deal with the pains and joys of the events. Each visit to doctor (weekly in the last phase), each scan, each test corresponds much worry and relief. This has changed our lives and will continue to do so. I am giving her all the time beyond my work hours to be with her, to give her comfort, to keep her from worries. Our families are also pretty excited about the whole affair. They are always keen about her comforts, her taste change, food habit and the concerns for nutrition.

We are reading numerous magazines, books, articles about pregnancy and babies. We love to watch programs like "The amazing baby videos". The past couple of months we were busy with buying all sorts of little things needed to greet the baby (like nappies, dresses, pillows etc.). She has even prepared a bag full of necessary things, which she will require at the hospital. I am arranging money for the hospital fees. I am praying to God that he would present a healthy, sound baby to us and without much trouble of the mother. And I need your prayers too for the child and the mother.

Some recommended books during pregnancy:

* To Have To Hold: A parent's Guide to Child Birth and Early Parenting
- by Joyce L. Kieffer, Training Resource Corporation, Harrisburg, PennSylvania
* Is There A Baby in your Future?: A calendar for before, during and after your pregnancy
- by Best Start Health Coalition in Peel, Canada
* Sananda -Annapurna: Special pregnancy edition


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