July 22, 2005


Do all virtual relationships transform to real life relationships? There are already many fictions and movies about it. But they are not as much interesting as the real life experiences.

Bangladeshi blogger Rikhi wrote in her blog in November 2004 about her first date with another blogger she met online. Her comment:

I have always thought that there is a very thick line between the virtual and the real life. I never really expected the people I met over internet to come to my real life as well. However, there is this one person who made me believe at last that these two worlds can merge wonderfully and I am thankful to him. He made me realize it is not frightening at all to know the person I know so well virtually in real life and it only paves the way of the affinity.

Read all about the date here. Her prince's reactions are here. Shafi has written wonderfully in Bangla. So for the non-Bengali speaking readers here is an excerpt from the 'Rajputro' blog:

It was Tuesday, 12th October... our first meet. Was it the first? If one considers four eyes should meet to call it a date, then its the first. But if one considers that there is something called our inner eyes, something called realization, then we have met long before. This meet was just to tally Rikhi I already know with my physical eyes.

How romantic!


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