July 14, 2005


Sadiq is one notable Bangladeshi blogger who is searching wisdom from all the religions and even from the atheists. In his blog "Inspirations And Creative Thoughts" you will find wisdoms and knowledge from the Koran, Bible, Tanakh, Gita, Tipitaka and many others holy books.

A quote in his blog:

"Probably no one of us has the True Religion. But all of us together - if we are allowed to be free - are discovering ways of conversing about the great mysteries. The pretense to know all the answers to the deepest mysteries is, of course, the grossest fraud. And any people who declare a Jihad, a holy war on unbelievers - those who do not share their believers' pretended omniscience - are enemies of thinking men and woman and of civilization. I see religion as only a way of asking unanswerable questions, of sharing the joy of a community of quest, and solacing one another in our ignorance."
- Daniel Boorstin


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