July 18, 2005


It does not get worse than this. Some 15 suicide bombers has struck within 48 hours killing hundreds of innocent civilians and some security forces members. It is really sickening and simply beyond my forbearance to receive these kinds of news everyday. After reading about yesterday's new attack I closed all the windows and remained frozen for sometimes in front of the PC. These Satans are killing indiscriminately. They are happy to blow even little children and women. These bombers goal is maximum casualties. There should be no single compassion for these persons. They will never achieve what they are trying. Humanity will prevail over barbaric zealots.

Meanwhile Global Voices reports that one Iraqi blogger Khalid Jarrar has been taken into detention by the Iraqi mokhabarat, or secret service since 11th of this month. His brother, another famous blogger Raed Jarrar (remember 'Where is Raed?') says:

He's just one of the thousands of people in Iraq who disappeared and ended up in one of the many jails and prisons around the country without a clear reason.
The number of U.S.-held prisoners in Iraq reached all-time record levels earlier in June and has since gone down slightly. The average prisoner total in June stood at 10,783. The number of Iraqis held in Iraq's governmental and paramilitary jails is unidentified.

Their mother thinks the Iraqi government would keep khalid imprisoned if they knew his family is anti-occupation and critical to the current regime.

The Global Voice appeal is:

Please show your support for the Khalid Jarrar by posting supportive comments at Raed’s and Khalid’s latest posts. If you’re a blogger, please help spread the word by linking to them.
You can sign a petition here.

What these all show is a complete chaotic situation prevailing in Iraq.


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