July 02, 2005


Ennis of Sepia mutiny writes a commendable post about Kissinger's recent apology to the Indians for his derogative remarks about Indira Gandhi & India in 1971.

Ennis writes:

I find this "apology" completely unsatisfying. I really don’t care what language Nixon and Kissinger used to discuss Indira Gandhi in private. I care far more about the 500,000 to 3 million who died, and the 6 million to 12 million who were made refugees. These were not accidental deaths. This was an intentional mass slaughter of civilians by the Pakistani government, coupled with a campaign of ethnic cleansing. In Bangladesh, they call this genocide .

Will he ever confess that he has supported and committed massive human rights violations in the name of America's national interests? Will Bangladesh ever demand for an apology from him too?

The truth is some words cannot bring back the millions died. And he will remain as a monster amongst the descendents of the dead.

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