July 13, 2005


Tasnuva writes about an ignorant Pakistani-Canadian who has weird ideas about Bangladesh & the liberation war which separated itself from Pakistan. I am putting this issue on board because in a number of occasions I have encountered Pakistanis who do not have a clear view on what really happened in 1971. This ignorance has grown to a mammoth proportion which creates sometimes a lot of confusion. Quoting the above person:

"You must hate it how India made Bangladesh separate from Pakistan. Bangladesh would have been prosperous like us if we 'brothers' stayed together".

Yeah, where were you brothers when your Armies were relishing rape & genocide of Bengalis in a bid to tame the Bengalis. Have they ever apologized for the 500,000 to 3 million death, and the plight of 6 million to 12 million who were made refugees? Did they ever think of compensating for the destruction of infrastructure of a country in the name of controlling the rebels? What did they do when then Pakistan President Yahya Khan said "Kill three million of them and the rest will eat out of our hands. (Robert Payne, Massacre [1972], p. 50).

You will not get an answer. Instead you will hear things like:

* Pakistan Army was not responsible for the rapes.

* Pakistan Army unappreciated for 'gallantry' in 1971.

I think these people should wake up to the reality of the things - the sooner, the better. They should consider themselves lucky running free with all the crimes under their belt.

Tasnuva suggests the Pakistanis:

All they have to do is 'Google' the words - Bangladesh war, 1971 or even East Pakistan- and voila! You have facts. Not conspiracy theories of how India instigated the Bangalis to revolt or that 'only a few people died'.

She also has a final thought:

Considering world politics is not that dissimilar to school playground politics, I don't think its that childish to ask for the three current leaders to meet sometime and shake hands while
- Pakistan says 'Sorry' to Bangladesh
- Bangladesh says 'Thanks' to India
- and India says 'Peace, man' to Pakistan
......maybe then we'd stop hearing stupid comments from stupid people.
Or not.

I think its high time Bangladesh sues the Pakistani Army in the UN war crimes commission and demand compensation from Pakistan for the destruction of lives and infrastructure so that these ignorant Pakistanis (should not generalize all) are forced to face the reality.

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