July 16, 2005


Atiqur Rahman, nicknamed Hridoy (heart) is a bright student of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He has been suffering from acute lymphoblast leukemia (blood cancer). The doctors said that he has to be flown out to a foreign country for treatment which would require $80,000 (equivalent to 5 million Taka). It is unbearable for his family as the required amount is almost 25 times of their annual income. So his classmates started a campaign which has created much publicity and response among the Bangladeshis home and abroad. In less than a month a website dedicated for fund raising has attracted 15,000 visitors and about 2.8 million Taka (56% of the required amount) have been raised so far.

There is a weblog for Hridoy which logs the developments. There are also requests circulating via mails (I have received from a couple of different sources). Numerous articles have been printed in local newspapers.

I am sure the required fund would be accumulated soon. Hridoy's mates have done a commendable job in using the technology to propagate the plea. There are surely enough good hearts there to save a budding heart.


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