July 23, 2005


Rockstar, blogger & poet Mac writes a hilarious poem slating Bangladesh capital Dhaka's ugly pretty ‘beautification’ which was done prior to the postponed SAARC summit. Some excerpts:

Come 2005, Dhaka was again ‘beautified’ for yet another SAARC reunion…. and this time around there are more bathroom tiles and aluminium
and as if ‘uff’ is not enough
they also had aluminium flower tubs.
aluminium dividers, aluminium rails, aluminium signage
aluminium planetariums, aluminium auditoriums,
aluminium gates, aluminium,
aluminium , aluminium…
the chicest thing if you wanna remember Dhaka by or BUY
is well ALUMINIUM –

The unlucky 13th SAARC is due in Dhaka end of 2005 – Hail to ALUMINIUM
…………..and if it fails once again as it very well may, a louder hail to ALUMINIUM….

And a nice quote in the end:

"When you look at a city, it's like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it." - Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Read it all.

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