August 17, 2005


I was attending one seminar in Dhaka and the mobile phones started to ring at around 11:30 AM. Keens were checking whether we were alright as a series of bombings were reported across the country. Some people who came in that moment were wondering why the busy streets and hubs like Farmgate were so lean in traffic. We were hearing of some really confusing reports. But the scene looks like this as of now from reports of the private satellite TV Channels:

* Around 100 bombs exploded in 58 different locations.

* The bombs appeared to be homemade and capable of causing only limited damage. sophisticated timing device were used to synchronized these explosions across the country to cause maximum panic .

* Blasts reported in 36 of the 64 districts in synchronization between 11:00 -11:30 AM today.

* There are some wild speculations about casualties but about 120 are reported injured. So far no deaths reported. More figures to come as the situation develops.

* Key installations like government offices (even the secretariat in Dhaka), high courts, press clubs, busy squares and universities targeted.

* Leaflets of a Islamic terrorist organization Jamayetul Mujahideen were found at blast sites in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet and Mymensingh. The leaflet said:
"It is time to implement Islamic law in Bangladesh. There is no future with with man-made law. Bush and Blair be warned and get out of Muslim countries. Your days of ruling Muslim countries are over."

* At least 45 people were arrested from different locations across the country.

The local TV and radio channels are covering the situation but I am unable to access them at the moment. As we reached office the traffic looked normal. This site also does not report any unusual activities. The information in the internet are not much.

It is the total failure of this government whose security forces were overpowered by the synchronized attack in many locations showing the might they possess. The government and the political parties politicized the investigations of the previous bomb blasts and hence let the perpetrators running lose. They still don't have a clue who did it. Now the general Bangladeshis are paying for it. Its time to tackle them with a cool mind. No need to panic which they want to inflict upon us. 'We are not afraid' - this is the message we should send to those bastards.

Update: One injured rickshaw-puller dies. The poor man did not have anything to do with 'Bush', 'Blair', 'jihad' or any other world affair. Yet some freak minds want to establish anarchy at the expense of these people.

More Update at 23:00 hours: The government sources confirmed-

* 393 bombs exploded in 63 districts out of 64 districts of Bangladesh.

* Around 150 are hospitalized but hundreds more received minor injuries and went home after treatment. 2 confirmed dead till now.

My analysis coming up in next post.

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