August 01, 2005


Scene 1:

Place: A dark crossroad in Dhanmondi on about 9 pm at night. I was alone in my car waiting at a traffic signal.

*Man: Hey will you go to Kalyanpur?

*Me: Staring with a surprised look (thoughts going in my head "Is this guy mistaking my car as a taxi?")

*Man: Which way will you go?

*Me: I am going home (perplexed me spelled out the truth).

*Man: Aissa (OK).

I drove on wondering what had happened and I realized that I failed to convince him that I am not a taxi driver. (Note: my car is an old Nissan hatchback and no way similar to the Maruti 800 cabs that ply in Dhaka streets except for the close dark color).

Moral: Don't ever make the similar mistake yourself. That will make you very stupid and put others in embarrasment.

Scene 2:

Place: 'Voot' a theme restaurant in 'Rifles square'. I was dining with family and my 10 month old daughter was flirting with a couple of guys next table.

*Youth: Uncle, can I have your email address?

*Me: Gazing curiously (after looking around for an 'uncle').

*Youth: I will email the picture of your daughter I took in my cell phone.

*Me: Here is my business card (not being able to tell the youth in his face that he is in his early twenties and I am in my early thirties, then why is he calling me uncle?).

My wife reminded me later that I am a father of an attractive daughter.

Moral: When you become father of a daughter, you gotta learn how to tackle these sort of situations.


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