August 05, 2005


Here is today's round up of some of the blogs of South Asia.


- Tanim laments on which jobs are deemed respectable and which are not in Bangladesh.

- Sadiq finds that the practices of prostration and Submission to God are similar among the major religions of the world.

- Asif of 'Unheard Voices' sepeculates a big world tour of 50 amateur Bengali musicians from Boston to promote Bangla Gaan (Bengali songs) across the world from USA to Bangladesh.


- Nitin Pai tries to find out what is the economics of espionage.

- Amardeep of 'Sepia Mutiny' discusses the problems in the study of South Asian languages in US.

- Dilip D'Souza's writings on the chaos when a metre of rain came down on Mumbai (the recent Mumbai flood). More accounts of the trauma the citizens of Mumbai faced - by Mukta & Uma.


- 'United we blog' reports that authorities in Nepal have ordered an independent FM radio station in Kathmandu to immediately halt broadcasting news. In another post it depicts a battle between the police and college students. These shows the current turbulant poltical situation in Nepal.


- Dareecha reports that the Pakistani government has planned to set up 47 radio stations in various areas of the country to create awareness among the masses about socio-economic issues and their solutions including promotion of literacy.

- Deevan muses on the importances of being desi.

- Pakistani perspective links to the news of a revel 'pub' in Islamabad challenging the conservative society.

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