August 28, 2005


More and more shocking details are coming up from the investigations of the 8/17 bombings in Bangladesh.

According to today's news:

Two arrested militants confessed that United liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), a separatist militant group of India had a link with the serial bomb blasts. The arrested militants confessed that they were the activists of Jamayatul Mujahedin (JMB) and Shaikh Abdur Rahman was their leader. Prior to the bombings a group of 50 persons including the arrested two received a month-long military training at Delduar Upazila under Tangail district. During the training they met Abdur Rahman and Tapan Malitha, leader of another outlawed leftist organisation, Janajuddha.

The Home Ministry sources said that Shaikh Abdur Rahman and some other terrorists left the country following the blasts and are now staying in India.

The links between these terrorist outfits do not fit to logic and point to a deeper conspiracy than mere a terror attack to establish Islamic sharia law, as the JMB leaflets claimed.

There are more shocks:

All the fanatic militant leaders of India and Bangladesh used to maintain close international links and had connections with Kuwait and they were provided with funds for carrying out terrorist activities by some billionaires of Kuwait, according to a competent source.

Eight instructors came from three states of India–Bihar, Hariyana and Punjab–over the last three years and trained nearly 100 followers of the religious zealot Abdur Rahman in using sophisticated firearms.

As Bangladesh is doing the house-cleaning, I think India should do it too by extraditing the Bangladeshi terrorists.


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