August 28, 2005


What do the terrorists hate in Bangladesh? Probably the empowerment of women, the development of Bangladesh and the democracy. Just one example: Bangladesh is headed by women prime ministers since 1991. While the institutions like Grameen Bank, BRAC and other NGOs are revolutionizing the country by reducing poverty and promoting women, the antagonists (mainly the Islami fundamentalists) are seeing these as a threat.

When the government is not taking initiatives, the pioneer of microcredit & chief of Grameen Bank Dr. Md. Yunus has chalked out a plan for an all out effort to eradicate Monga (a famine-like situation that comes round in North Bengal every year). This will make you realize his brilliance. Sadly the fundamentalist terrorists responded to these efforts like this. The government is not patronizing the NGOs as it should.

This blog suggests that:

these changes -- especially those affecting gender roles -- are seen as enormously threatening to the fundamentalist worldview, and hence are likely to continue to be favorite targets of hostility.

So we should work in unison to make democracy effective, eradicate fundamentalism and the terrorists it brews and thus diffuse the antagonists of empowerment of women & development of Bangladesh.

Related: Small Fortunes is an one hour documentary describing the impact that microcredit is having throughout the world.


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