August 19, 2005


"As a deadly virus infects the blood unnoticed
Then scary infections erupts from the skin.
We see a dreadful disease in the nation’s body
Slowly infested by an incurable germ, in disguise of
The fundamentalists and the afterlife lovers.

Once religion brought light in the society’s dark corners.
Now the bones and rotten flesh of its skeleton
Are peddled by some selfish and hypocritical human beings,
Who misinterprets the holy texts by their made-up stories,
The religious extremists have no religion
They have only greed and wicked intentions."

- translation from a Begali poem by Rudro M. Shahidullah

Life in Bangladesh is becoming normal after 2 days of the blast. But a question mark is hanging on everybody's mind. What will happen next? The 7/18 blasts were a wake up call, to let everybody know the power of the killer virus that has infested Bangladesh.

All the evidences and confessions of some nabbed terrorists point at the banned Islamic extremist Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), who carried out Wednesday's countrywide bombings. Their tentacles spread in the last decade aided by the internal security authority's laid back approach. In some places they even encouraged them as these outfits were diffusing the communists extremist outfit 'Sarbahara', which they could not control. You cannot keep a snake as a pet and always control him. The serpent has many heads:- Jama'atul Jihad, Jama'atul Mujahideen, Ahle Hadith Andolon Bangladesh (Ahab), Ahle Hadith Jubo Shangha, Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (JMJB), Harkatul Jihad, Hizbut Tawhid, Tawhidi Janata, Islami Jubo Shangha, Islami Shangha, Al Falah A'am Unnayan Shanstha and Shahadat-e al Hiqma are believed to be missions of the Al Mujahideen. They have grown like a deadly virus and is now bound for total kill of the nation.

According to todays news the police are yet to make any fix at JMB as the perpetretors. They are still apprehending more people. Even one JMB activist apprehended on the first day was released in Dinajpur.

After this are our lives secured? It is the government's responsibility to protect the people from these extremists. But the question is who is controlling whom?

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