August 01, 2005


Hew..Ye.. dijjam...(Hello hello). This is Rianna speaking. I thank you all who remembered me and enquired about me from time to time. I have grown a bit now (10 months) and can crawl to a distance. I can dance waving my arms standing on my knees. Baba named it 'Rianna dance' and says it should go well with hip-hop music. But I like nursery rhymes and soothing Rabindra Sangit. Usually I dance with nursery rhymes. Cartoons are my favorite as I watch them on TV with blink less eyes. I have four upper teethes now and I had to convince Ma with teeth grinding that the lower one's are one the way to rise. Ma says that I am becoming naughtier. She tells me that because I want to play with all the interesting things on her dressing table and she won't let me reach there crawling from the bed. I am not a grown up like you to be tensed with the thought always that I will fall down. Grown ups are obsessed with lots of fears and they spoil all the fun in their lives. To live happily is to live an adventurous life. There is so much in the world to explore (and taste).

Although I can eat bits and pieces from grown ups' foods, I am still heavily depended on milk. I like fresh mango, banana, and of course a little dose of dal-vat. While you grown ups sit to dine I like playing with the spoons and plates. So don't be surprised if you find a number of spoons lying under the dining table. I like playing and being with Baba, phupi, Dada, Dadi & Nani but I like my mother most of all. She's the one I can bite and bang my head into when I am angry. And she is the one whom I require to put me into sleep. I miss Ma & Baba during their work hours and that is why I do not want to let them go outsides afterwards without taking me. I have become more social now days. But I am still a moody person. If you try to be my friend then I may consider climbing on your shoulder. But if you want to hold me without working into a relationship first then I will certainly protest.

Ma says when I am happy I make a lot of sounds. Actually that is me talking but sadly nobody understands what I say. Similarly they mix up with my protests and disagreements as crying. Perhaps one day the grown ups will be able understand the language of the infants when there will be much technological advancement in the world.

I am now immuned to most of the lethal diseases. Baba said that there are more shots to go. And Baba is proud that I am brave enough to take all the immunization shots without much protest. I am troubled by the Dhaka heat a lot. Ma says that I should have lived in a cold climate. But I like the place I live in. Nobody is cruel enough to not being around any time (except when I sleep). I can yell at the crows that sit in a branch near my window. I can hear the neighbor’s talking bird yelling 'Moiiiinaaa'.

Gotta go to take a nap. Ta ta (Rianna waves goodbye).

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