August 02, 2004


In the recently concluded Asia Cup the performance of Bangladesh cricket team was really dismal. It seems that the burden of test status is becoming too heavy for the cricketers. This is also hampering Bangladesh's image as a nation. They are no longer treated as the cricketbabes as 3-4 years have gone. Everybody is expecting them to show a consistent competitative standard. The battlefield is cruel and do not cater for any emotion or soft corner.
As for the tournament performance, the coach Dav Whatmore should come under his fair share of criticism, regarding choosing the right bowling combination (3 pacers/2 spinners) and the right players. He also failed to correct the batsmens' techniques and approaches, who are getting out in the same manner in successive matches without building partnerships.

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer shared his thoughts on Bangladesh's performance:

"Having watched them (Bangladesh) play, I think they have certainly made strides. They looked fit and quick. They have lot of talent… I know it from being in the country. The infrastructure is building but the first-class system needs a lot of fine tuning."

Bangladesh's poor showing with the bat is the result of a poor domestic cricket structure. There are not enough 3 or 5 day first class cricket are being played on proper pitches. Indian Ranji Trophy produces promising cricketers who scores 200-300 in a domestic match and the same player is deemed good when they can score a half century in International cricket. You can tell from the Bangladesh first class cricket statistics that only a few of the present cricketers have made performed outstandingly and carried over their form in international matches.
The reality is that Bangladesh never will be competitive with the major international teams with its present set of cricketers, present format of domestic cricket and political influence on the mangement board.

I think the commitment of Bangladesh Cricket Board should change from "there is nothing to loose" to "playing better cricket". Otherwise we should voluntarily ask for withdrawal of the test status which has burdened Bangladesh Cricket.


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