August 21, 2004


The Islami fanatics of Bangladesh show their true colors again. They have been using the religion Islam to provoke the sentiments of the peace loving Bengalis, they majority of whom is good practicing Muslims. Recently a Bengali daily newspaper "The Prothom Alo" has published a series of reports about some Madrasas in remote corners of the country which has been giving training to extremists. The fundamentalists' response was to burn copies of the Prothom Alo and ransacking its billboards in the capital for publishing the stories. The fundamentalist have also obstructed the sale of the daily at different districts and demanded the cancellation of its declaration citing conspiracy against Kowmi Madrasas and Islam.

Why the rage against Prothom Alo? Because, the investigative reports have clearly depicted the madrasas' source of funds (mostly from Saudi Arabia & other Arab countries) and their missions - to clinch power of this country. These extremists have the same ideology of Al-Qaeda & Talibans. During the past Awami League regime, some of these Madrasas were haunted down by Police and stopped. But during the tenure of the recent government the Police is instructed by higher authority not to meddle with them. I deem this is because of the ruling BNP's coalition partners - the Islami parties. These Islamists are clearly building grounds and soldiers to clinch power someday to have their version of Talibanlike state. The BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) is so vehemently interested in tackling the main opposition party, they are favoring these Islamists. That is why numerous Islami terrorists caught by the police have been released. The notorious "Bangla Bhai" has not been caught avoiding the prime minister's direct orders. The opposition Awami League with their poor leadership of Sheikh Hasina is not doing any constructive movement but have been busy with unnecessary trifles and quarels with government. BNP do not realise now that their enemy is not the other oppositions, but their coalition partner, the Islamists. Our Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia is no. 14 among Forbes' compiles list of world's most powerful women. This is our pride but it will be not for long as the Islamists one of the top agenda is not to have leadership of women. BNP will face the consequence when the serpents will bite them back when the time come. The Islamists are cashing on in the failure of the BNP and Awami Lwague in steering the nation with good leadership. I am surprised that not many people have condemned the threat against Prothom Alo.

A message to the fundamentalists: if you feel that these reports are baseless then protest with evidence in a civil way. How can those reports be conspiracy against Madrasas, when they have clearly pinpointed those madrasas, which are carrying out the training and nothing has been written anything against the overall Madrassa system? Why a newspaper's voice should be strangled? Because they have told the truth? Because they are disclosing your Islamic Zealots? What are you trying to hide?


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