August 30, 2004


Bahrainis are proud of their multi-million dollar F1 circuit and their shiny cities with clean roads and impressive buildings. But how do they treat those people who build those infrastructures and then sweep them clean? They are mostly Asian migrants (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistanis). Bahraini's depend on them as they are also their tailors, carpenters, mechanics, drivers and the shopkeepers, because they find these jobs as not suitable for them (with Petrodollar pride you can think whatever you want). Chana'd Bahraini, a Bahraini blogger tells that racism against the Asian migrant workers has been growing strong. A recent arson attack against 100 Indian and Bangladeshi workers was done by three teenagers without any reason. There is also an effort to move large numbers of migrant workers out of Manama, the capital following clashes between Bahrainis and Asians living in the capital. Their targets are mainly the poorer Asians, many of whom live crammed together into squalid, derelict buildings, because that is all they can afford.

We know about the migrant workers plights as they are raped, tortured, forced to work extra hours and the only justice they get is some reprimand to the Bahraini and no capital punishment. A Bahraini man was jailed for three months after being convicted of brutally torturing a Bangladeshi employee. The sentence will be suspended if he pays a mere BD300 fine.

According to Chana'd, the younger generation of Bahrainis lacks respect for the Asians, and there is no effort to change this. The situation can only get worse.

via Nitin.


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