August 07, 2004


You have seen it in the Hollywood & Bollywood movies. When the police wants to kill one detainee, they let him/her escape and shoot from behind.

The same thing happened yesterday in Savar. The notorious "Little" Hannan, one of the top 23 criminals on police list, was killed early hours Friday, the seventh day of his remand by anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), allegedly in crossfire between a gang and a Rab team in Savar(near Dhaka) - reports the Daily Star.

However no such incident of gunfight or any casualty was recorded by Savar Police Station and the people of the locality do not think that there was such shootouts. They said that they have heard of only some gun shots.

So why they did want Hannan to be dead? During his remands, he told police of having links with some lawmakers of both ruling BNP and major opposition Awami League. He also claimed a Dhaka City Corporation ward commissioner and another top listed criminal now in jail were his godfathers. None of the people, Hannan claimed to have links with, have so far been questioned or arrested by police or RAB.

Its obvious that to protect these people Hannan had to give his life. Because of the godfathers Bangladesh is turning to be a country infected with terrorism and violence beyond control. The real criminals are never brought to justice where black money buy every law enforcement measures.


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