August 07, 2004


Sylhet has been rocked with yet another twin blasts at two cinemas day before yesterday. A boy was killed and 15 other people injured in the explosions. The police showed arrested three people injured as possible suspects. But I doubt whether this investigation will reach a dead-end and the criminals will never face any trial.

Fourteen bomb explosions in Sylhet region since 1997 have killed 23 people and injured many more, but the attackers are doing it again and again as the police and other law enforcement agencies have failed to uncover the motive and bring the criminals to book. There is no headway in the investigations of the May-bombings which injured the British High Commissioner in the Hazrat Shahjalal shrine.

The authorities are clearly not getting the clue that who is behind all these. The right-wing Islami extremists who are against people going in Shrines(mazaars) are deemed behind the bombing in Hazrat Shahjalal shrine. They say that there is no place of worshipping mazaars in Islam. Now they are targetting the Cinema halls because in there view Cinema is unislamic. So they felt that their sole responsibility is to kill other muslim and establish a Taliban-like state in Bangladesh.

As long as the real perpetrators are not caught and punished with exemplary sentences, these attacks will continue to hurt innocent people making the image of both the govt. and the country. I hope and pray that the people affected by the bombings get their justice in time.


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