August 15, 2004


The nation mournes today the 29th death anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder father of Bangladesh and his family members, who were brutally assassinated in an army coup. The strike for dispute over holiday certainly mars the solemn occasion this year as I think it is a bad move by the Awami League. But sad to say that many show no respect for"The leader and the man" because of his political ideals and it results in the continuing trend of the ruling BNP and its coalition to eviscerate his images from everywhere. He was controversial at the latest stage of his career because of his roles in trying to turn the country into a communist regime banning all the parties. His sons and party leaders were engaged into corruption and repression (Rakkhibahini) creating an state of anarchy. It all culminated into that coup-d'etat but surely it should not be the way the inevitable change was to happen.

His shortcomings maybe that he was a failed administrator and was steering the nation out of democracy, but he was the man who united the Bengalis and steered us into liberation from Pakistan's oppressions. His love for the country and the people is truly unquestionable.

I hope that we look at Bangabandhu's deeds beyond our political beliefs and ideals and give him the respect he deserves.


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