August 13, 2004


I was shocked to read the news of the mysterious death of Professor Humayun Azad, a renowned writer of Bangladesh and a professor of Dhaka University. He was attacked last February by some fundamentalist quarters. The knife attack left the professor with serious head and neck wounds but he survived due to the best possible treatment in home and abroad. He had recently went to Germany because of insecurity due to the new death threats against him and his family. According to BBC, he was found dead in his apartment in Germany. An autopsy by German police is underway to know the cause of the death.

Professor Azad has been well known for his bold and often controversial statements. Here is an article about the book which marked him for death by the fundamentalists.

Everybody may not agree with a writer. Instead of arguing with logic, some people are resorting to these kinds of madness like death threats. Mind it if somebody endorses such acts also commits the same crime. In a democratic society this is not at all expected.

We are anxiously waiting to know more about it. Is free voice under threat in Bangladesh?


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